5 Popular Types of Company Videos

Using multimedia tools, such as videos, can help companies reach their marketing goals as well as their internal team building goals. Below are 5 popular company videos, insights into insights into video production, and how you can use videos to up your game as a business.

Explainer Videos

These are videos that teach your audience how to solve a specific problem or inform them of a complicated topic. The end goal for the video is for your audience to have full comprehension having once watched the video. Opposed to “product videos”, explainer videos do not go into in-depth showcasing of each feature of the product. The explainer video picks a topic that needs further explaining or has a high volume of confusion among the audience.

Explainer videos make great shareable content, especially if implemented by a video production company. Chances are, since you are making the explainer video, that more than one person is having this issue or misunderstanding. As a product video can age badly since many products are frequently updated, an explainer video will hold value since it is for a specific understanding of something.

For marketing purposes, explainer videos can be extremely valuable. These types of videos can establish authority for your brand. Also, the video has the ability to include key search words like “hack” and “how to” that are searched for on google a lot.

Product Videos

In this instance, a product is something that a business has created and has put on the market to sell to a high volume audience.

Sometimes, products just are not easy to explain. However, those products are usually very useful and will fly off the proverbial shelves if the right people have all of the knowledge they need.

This is where the importance of the “product video” comes into play.

Product videos are the videos that show each feature of the specific product and its function. Contrasting of the “explainer video” it goes in depth to all features that come standard on any product and their functionality.

Creating product videos shows the product’s features, benefits, and can increase conversions on your site. Product videos are particularly beneficial to the informed consumer that is close to purchasing but needs that extra push. Having a charismatic and knowledgeable individual in the video will add excitement and can potentially get that informed customer to convert.


Promotional Videos

Promotional videos hold the purpose of promoting a product or business. In the world of new and fast media, it can be difficult to have your voice heard among all the noise. Creating intriguing, engaging, and informative promotional videos are an important part of every marketing plan.

These videos can be used to show customer products and services in a concise, easy to retain way.

You want your promotional video to be fun and inviting. You want to use a promotional video to show your customers that your business is a place with good energy and helpful customer support. This is imperative when wanting to gain new customers and make proud the ones you already have.

When creating a promotional video, there is no time for unnecessary theatrics (unless that is part of your brand, if so, kudos!) However, for most brands and businesses, you will want to stick to promoting the key elements of the enterprise and its products. Having a promotional video that is long, drawn out, and difficult to comprehend can impair your conversion rate. Having a bad promotional video can be worse than not having any at all.

Be sure to keep it short and sweet. You want to include your company’s culture, the products you are promoting, and showcase your good business practices.

Company Culture Videos

If you are a small business on a tight budget, a company culture video might be the right introduction to video marketing.

A company culture video is a company’s introduction video into the digital realm. This video explains who your company is, what you do, and what your mission is. You want your company video to appeal to your audience while also showing off your businesses aesthetic, in a non-threatening manner.

Company culture videos can be great digital assets to circulate internally as well as externally. Company culture videos require transparency of your business and a lot of creativity. You need to make your business stand out among the rest within your industry. Finding a hook is very important.

Since the company culture video can be used in many different ways, it is a whiteboard of sorts, for all of your promotional efforts. These videos can be posted anywhere and shared on social many times.

The uniqueness and level of transparency of your business are what will set your company culture video apart from the rest. In the age of digital information, anyone can find out information about your company whether you want them to or not. Why not be the one to deliver everything yourself, in a fun video that is done your way?  

Testimonial Videos

Testimonials are the lifeblood of new business. Whenever possible, gaining new testimonials from past clients or customers is invaluable to your conversion rate. Testimonials provide the best form of advertising. Which are, pleasant experiences with your business as told by the customers of your business.

Although you may know your business is awesome and what you provide is game-changing, there are some out there that are still skeptical.

This is where the testimonial video comes in.

Testimonial videos are digital assets that contain interviews of past customers or clients that are willing to share their positive experience with your business, on camera.

The issue with testimonial videos is that they get a bad reputation for being phony and contrived. There are many things you can do to make sure that your testimonial videos come across as sincere and real. One of them is to not use a script.

There are many failed testimonial videos that asked individuals to read from a script that did include their own testimonial but some ancillary information. Doing that can leave a bad mark on your business than not showing off your testimonials at all.

Creating an effective testimonial video includes short interviews, engaging testimonials that give prime examples of what you want to show off, and eye-pleasing visuals.