Why You Should Consider Using YouTube To Market Your Business

Today, when anyone thinks about video on the web or mobile, the name that almost always comes to mind is YouTube. Next to Google, it’s the second most used search engine on the planet. Statistics show there are about 100 hours of videos being uploaded every minute of every day, and people view nearly 6 billion hours of video a month. According to recent studies, 80% of internet users aged 18-49 spend time watching YouTube.

All this means if you want to reach customers, you need to be using YouTube in your business’ strategy.

In this article, we look at a few ways you can leverage the power of YouTube to increase your company’s brand, build trust, and build relationships with your customers.

So, what makes YouTube so attractive to businesses? The first answer is the number of people it reaches, especially millennials and younger all across the globe. The second is it’s an easy and cost-effective way to reach massive amounts of people and market directly to your audience without any middlemen getting in the way.

Now that you know why YouTube is such a great tool let’s look at how you can use it to market your company.

Plan A Strategy

Before you shoot a single frame of video or write a script, you need to develop a strategy for what you want to achieve with your YouTube marketing. Ask yourself, “What is the purpose of this channel?” Is it to entertain and build relationships with your customers? Is it to direct them to buy a product or services? Is it to inform them? Is it to drive traffic to your website?

When you have answers to these questions, you’ll be better equipped when you’re ready to start coming up with ideas for video production. During this stage, it’s good to get as detailed as you can because the better direction you have, the easier it’ll be to get where you want to go.


Decide What Videos You Want To Make

Once you have a strategy, you’ll now have to think about what kind of videos you can make to serve that strategy. For example, if you want to create videos that introduce and inform people about your brand or show them how to use a product or service, the techniques you use for this type of content will be different from a video where you’re trying to entice someone to make a purchase. For one kind of video, you may employ a talking head, while another you may opt for an interview format, while another you might use a screen sharing method.

Keep in mind that you don’t have to pick one and stick to it, but it’s good to get a plan in place, so you’ll know what type of script you’ll need, how you’re going to shoot it, and whom it’s going to target.

Make Your Video

Once you’ve decided on what you want your video to be about, the next step is to shoot the footage. This step is where many people get intimidated, but don’t let it scare you. While there are plenty of YouTube videos with high production values, the truth is that effective videos don’t have to be expensive to make, and many can even be shot on a decent quality smartphone.

The things that can make or break your video are the lighting and the sound. A decent camera that shoots HD video is excellent, and as mentioned, you can get by with a smartphone. However, if the lighting isn’t up to par or the sound is terrible, people will turn it off and never come back.

So, invest in some good lighting and use a microphone for clear sound. Also, think about getting a tripod to keep the camera steady unless you’re going for that hand-held look. Last, you need to invest in some editing software to put all the footage together and add any music, titles or effects. Again, this doesn’t have to be the same software the Hollywood editors use, but post-production can make virtually any video look professional.

Keywords, Keywords, Keywords

Remember when we said YouTube is the second largest search engine? Well, that’s why keywords are as relevant here as they are on Google. Make sure you do keyword research to find out what terms people are searching for when looking for what you’re offering. If you’re selling a course on how to install a remote starter in your car, lock down all the relevant keywords and phrases and plug those into your title and tags.

Hook Your Viewer For Better Ratings

YouTube’s algorithm favors videos that get watched for more extended periods over those that are clicked and then turned off right away, so it’s essential you make a video that lasts over 10 minutes and has content that engages viewers to keep them watching for the duration. Videos that get watched for more extended amounts of time are the ones that get promoted, which increases the chances that more people will see them. Also, YouTube likes engagement from viewers, so encourage them to like and comment on the video.

Call To Action

Even if your videos aren’t selling a product or service, you should always have a call to action, which can be as simple as asking people to follow your company on Twitter or telling them to like, share and subscribe.

Don’t Forget To Promote

If you have a website, Facebook page, LinkedIn Page or other social media site you use, don’t forget to promote your video. If you’ve developed an email list, don’t be shy about announcing your content to your subscribers.

YouTube is a juggernaut that’s not slowing down, and if you want to become more effective at marketing your business, you can jump on board with a little planning and reap the rewards.