6 Types of Video Production You Need to Know

To say that online video is popular is an understatement. With the website YouTube and other types of social media becoming immensely popular, online video is becoming the number one way to express yourself as a creator and share information about your company. If you are looking to capture attention and grow an audience, then there are a couple of video production types that you should be familiar with. Each has a particular goal and can be used for a variety of different things. If you are looking for the right video production for your brand, then you have come to the right place.

Brand Videos

 As the name suggests, these are the videos that are meant to introduce your brand to the entire world. Your audience for these videos are people who have no idea who you are. They are informational videos that showcase your core values, your goals, and what exactly you do. When constructing a brand introduction video, try to keep it short and sweet. You want these videos to be easily shareable so you can place them on various social media outlets with ease. Often, people have short attention spans. You want these videos to stick inside someone’s head, but you do not want them to drag on for too long. When they are being introduced to your brand, they want the information gives to them as quick and as memorable as possible so they can make the choice of whether they’d like to explore your other content or not.

Event Videos

You want your event videos to be the next best thing to going to the event itself. It’s essentially capturing the essence of the event so you can hopefully convince the audience watching to hope to attend the next one. You can either shoot a video of the event and edit after the fact, or you can stream it live. Depending on your audience, streaming a live video of an event can curate even more excitement than editing a typical video. Also, you have another option of creating a 360 video. This’ll put your audience right in the middle of the action so they can experience the true essence of your event without even having to step outside their bedroom. But, unlike others, creating a 360 video requires more professional equipment and editing software. Each of these different types of video will tell the story of your event in many different ways. It’s all about how you’d like your event to be perceived, and what equipment you’ll have at your disposal to make it happen.  You have to decide what type of event video is right for your company and what’ll get the most buzz after the fact.

Promotional Videos

Promotional videos are meant to speak directly to the audience. It is catering directly to their needs and providing a solution to those needs, whether it be through a particular product or a call to action on the audience’s part. That action could also be just sharing the video, and inevitably getting it in front of as many people as possible. There are many different types of videos that could fall into promotional videos, including presentation videos, announcement videos, and unboxing videos.

Testimonial Videos

Sometimes, the best way to relay what your company is all about is through the words of a customer. Testimonial videos are important because they’re all about the human experience. They build trust and stability between you and your audience. It’s essentially like if a person sees a positive review of your company in a website like Yelp. In order to make a successful testimonial video, it has to be completely genuine. This is not the time for paid actors or a script. If it even seems the least bit stages, then your audience is going to be completely turned off by it.

Explainer Videos

When your audience is first being introduced to your brand or your product, they’re going to have many questions about it. The Explainer video is where all those questions can be answered. You can also use this opportunity to have a tutorial of your product so your audience can see it in action. A healthcare video would be perfect for this. It’s all about establishing your company’s expertise and shedding a bright light on a product that you believe in. Also, this is a great time for using those eye-catching keywords like “how-to” and “hack.” These are the videos that are consistently getting clicks by viewers and can get you in front of fresh, new eyes quickly. These videos are not necessarily about promoting the product in question. Instead, they’re about giving valuable shareable information to your audience.

Company Culture Videos

Producing a company culture video is all about expressing the true essence of your brand and the humans that work for it. They’re often used to evoke a certain type of emotion from your viewer, to relate to them in a certain way. It’s the time to show the faces behind the brand. Include anything that you experience throughout the daily life of working for the company. This can include employee interviews, parties, events, meetings, and everything in between. Company culture videos are a great time to express your creativity because there aren’t any rules for it.

Capturing a successful online video is all about knowing your audience and executing a piece of content that’s true to you and your brand. When you know your audience, you’ll be able to give the information that you think they’d want to receive. In turn, those videos will be shared and your audience will begin to grow. When you create videos that are true to you, whether they’re company culture videos or brand introductions, those who truly believe in your brand’s vision will truly follow. Also, since they’re presented with your true brand from the start, they’re less likely to lose interest. Video is a key part of executing a successful marketing brand, and it can lead to many positive events in the future because of it.