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Dallas video production company filming a branded mini-documentary in a public parking lot.


We are a documentary production company that loves to collaborate with ad agencies and marketers to create powerful and emotive documentary video content. Our core competency is unscripted storytelling. We interview real people and tell real stories that inspire and engage your audience. .



Biggar Custom Hats

Artisan hatter, Jeff Biggars from in Decatur, Texas garners loyal customers from around the nation with his unique, old world method of hat making.

Modelo Especial

We shot this branded micro documentary in 2011. The Modelo Real Authentic Craftsman Tour took us to New York, Chicago, and LA to follow influential artists that work with elemental arts.

Nicholas Air

We hit the tarmac with Dak Prescott and Nicholas Air to create this client testimonial video.

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Phases of Branded Video Production

When it comes to creating artistic masterpieces, it’s all about finding flow. Here’s our flow:


  • Meeting with you for a preliminary discussion and discovery. Getting to know your brand intimately allows us to deliver branded documentaries that excite, compel, and inspire.
  • Submit a turnaround time and cost estimate (scope can be adjusted as necessary).
  • Collect 50% of payment up front, with the remaining balance due upon project completion.


  • Outline project objectives and build schedules in order to maximize resources and execute plans efficiently.
  • One to two weeks of coordinating logistics and finalizing creative details.
  • If necessary, we will schedule a location scout to preview locations prior to documentary production.


  • Meeting with you for a preliminary discussion and discovery. Getting to know your brand intimately allows us to deliver branded documentaries that excite, compel, and inspire.
    • Interview
    • B-roll
    • Voiceovers
    • Organize and manage video files to prepare for post-production


  • Spending a significant time finalizing the minute details and bringing the branded documentary together:
    • Managing media
    • Video editing
    • Color grading
    • Inserting licensed music
    • Performing sound design
    • Mixing audio
  • Utilizing our efficient workflow for client revisions, ensuring that the final product looks, sounds, and feels like your brand. We typically include two rounds of revisions, plus a final approval per video.


  • Deliver your branded documentary deliverable(s) via a downloadable link and an external hard drive.

The Power of Branded Business Documentaries

The benefits of branded documentary production are several fold. Documentary films in business are a powerful way to market your offerings and, more importantly, your brand's personality and message. Today’s Internet and social media platforms are flooded with visual content and branded videos. Documentary films are a great way to market your business, but it has to be done well. Luckily, Think Branded Media can find a way to market any message through our branded documentary production.

Many people have now embraced branded documentary production as one of their favorite types of media to consume. By making a business documentary film, you can effectively tap into a new audience and hold their interest.

Whether you’re a new brand or a mature company looking to improve your marketing efforts, documentary films are a great way to build brand awareness. Memorable documentary production makes your business more memorable. When people recognize your video, they’ll associate your brand with it and share it with their friends, family, and colleagues.

Branded documentary production creates a stronger connection with your audience. Your potential clients or partners don’t just want to know what you have to offer, but why you offer it in the first place. They want to know what inspires you.

Business documentary films create a narrative between you and your audience, forming a connection that cannot be forgotten. When people see that you are passionate about what you do, they are more likely to trust you and be loyal to your brand.

Emotive Documentary Films that Motivate

Motivating your customers to follow and maintain loyalty with your brand requires powerful and emotive messaging. Your potential customers care way more about your passions than your product or service alone. Communicating your passions takes emotion – and a team of business documentary filmmakers dedicated to bringing your message to the masses.

With an experienced technical team capable of bringing your desired visual elements to life and a creative team able to conceptualize the most advanced business documentary videos, our team is adaptable to your specific needs. We’ll extract the most crucial points from your message and find a way to communicate it with those that matter most.

Tell us your story and we’ll help you tell the world.

CMO, Wentworth Management Services

Think Branded Media is a powerhouse. I am thrilled with the result of our first video. The team exceeded my expectations and truly were a pleasure to work with. We are on our second video and I flew them out to Miami to record footage because I want them to exclusively produce all of our content. Daniel and Beau are amazing storytellers and really made our vision come to life. I cannot wait to see what they do for us next!

Business Development Manager at Moët Hennessy USA , Inc.

What an excellent and enjoyable time working with this group! They were readily available for our job and treated us with the utmost professionalism. They understood our needs and asked all the right questions to best next steps to complete the project. Their turnaround was flawless. I highly recommend them as I am not an easy person to please.

Video Content Production manager, Entrust Datacard

There are a number of things for which Beau, Daniel and the team deserve accolades on this project and I would list them all but instead I'll summarize by saying that you should work with them if you want your video to shine, feel authentic and tell your story with artistic precision. Real pros, great people and passionate about the quality of their work - everything you could ask for in a studio and the people you work with on important projects.