We are a video production agency creating content with context. For over 15 years we have worked with brands large and small, marketing agencies, healthcare companies, and nonprofits to connect their audiences in a meaningful way with video content that is engaging and authentic.


  • Good Business with Good People
  • Organization and Communication
  • Doing It the Right Way
  • The Brand, the Message, and the Audience
On the set of a video production project with a group of people surrounding a table.

Daniel Nanasi

Music, people, and traveling have always fueled Daniel’s passion for business and the arts. He is a seeker of adventure and rich experiences. Early on, he found video as the medium that could help him achieve both. He has worked with celebrity musicians and pro athletes as well as executives from the healthcare industry and fortune 100. His travels, zest for people, and filmmaking have  merged into what he does with Think Branded Media. He evolved his craft by producing, directing, shooting, and editing reality shows, music videos, commercials, corporate videos, and many forms of branded video content. He’s a first-generation American born in Brooklyn and hailing from Budapest. He spent his formative years in Dallas/Fort Worth and resides there with his family. He still loves to travel and also enjoys landscape design and spending time with his family.

Daniel Nanasi portrait

Beau Ethridge

As a visual artist, Beau has always been motivated by that which is creative. It began with drawing and painting and quickly grew into photography, lighting, design, installation, collaboration, and, ultimately, storytelling. Over the last 15 years, Beau has carved out a career by being a communicator and creative director, especially when it comes to conveying ideas and executing them with a team. The collaborative process is what defines him. He enjoys the interaction, critical thinking, and creative problem solving within a team environment. His broad skillset allows him to empathize with many creative types. He prides himself in the ability to roll up his sleeves and be “hands on” with all facets of creation.

Beau Ethridge portrait