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Video Production Company Dallas, TX

Your story is your brand. Let us tell it.

We produce high-quality branded video content with context. For over 10 years we have worked with brands, marketers, and ad agencies engaging audiences and connecting them to brands and messaging with authentic, visually intelligent videos.

What We Do

We blur the line between an advertising agency and video production company. Our core competency is conceptualizing and creating video content. A decade of experience producing for brands and agencies allows us to tell your story uniquely and authentically.


Proper planning and pre-production are the foundation of our projects. Research, assembling the right team, and logistics are crucial for execution. From casting talent to locking down the prime location - if it’s worth doing, it’s worth doing RIGHT.


Focusing on organization, communication, and leadership we manifest vision into reality. We keep the "on set" and "on location" experience seamless and comfortable from setup to wrapout.


Our post production process is organized and communicative. It's where the story gets told. We put great effort into finishing out every branded video with the utmost attention and quality so your brand's message is delivered to your audience in the most impactful way possible.

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Think Branded Content

Creating high-quality videos is what we do. No matter the scale, scope, or timetable. We manage all of the variables and make it happen the right way. WATCH some of our work and give us a shout.


Aurora Art Exhibition

Modelo Glassware

Tyler Sharp

The Founders

We thrive in a collaborative environment and value a team concept. We believe the best investment you can make is in people.

Daniel Nanasi of Think Branded Media

Daniel Nanasi

creative producer


video editor

Beau Ethridge of Think Branded Media

Beau Ethridge

creative director


production designer

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