Storytelling isn’t just about telling the story and advertising is not just about quality content. Successful branded video content always frames a story by considering the brand, the message and the audience. Without considering the full context you miss out on authentically and organically connecting with your people. We take time to consider both production value and context in order to translate your brand's story, voice, and style the best way possible.

We work with Dallas industries, organizations, and businesses of all type, marketers and agencies, non-profits and fundraisers. We create emotive videos that connect your audience to your brand. We capture your message authentically and unscripted. We have more than ten years of experience capturing real stories of real people. We understand how to engage an audience with a well told story.

dallas video production

We translate stories, through emotion We blur the line between advertising agency and video production company. Our core competency is translating your brand's experience and voice into an emotive video content that speaks to, and respects, your audience.


We're committed to your brand's vision and invest wholeheartedly with you in creating video that's creative and artful, but also tells the story and engages your audience. We are experts in creating project workflows that are efficient and effective. We keep it simple and specific in the right places and always consider context when it comes to content.


Our decade of experience has taught us that this is the most important phase of the project. We spend time with you to learn more about your brand, message and audience. We develop a collective vision with you on what we are creating together. We plan and coordinate the logistics of the shoot, research, scout locations, and cast. We thrive in a collaborative environment and the more present and involved you are in the project the better it will turn out. We will rely on you to help translate your brands story and to give us direction and feedback throughout the process. With over a decade of experience producing branded videos we know that if it’s worth doing, it’s worth doing right.


Good planning pays off during the shoot. During principal production we capture powerful interviews, cinematographic b-roll and voice-overs. We have interviewed hundreds of people all across the country. We have mastered the art of capturing stories so that they can be edited into emotive brand videos. We keep interview subjects comfortable and conversational.


A strong video edit comes from an effective shoot, just as a good shoot comes diligent pre-production. We are experts in translating your brand's story. We edit content together with moving music and robust images to engage, inform, empower and inspire your audience. This is another phase of production where we highly recommend your input and involvement.


Organization is paramount in video production, regardless of a project's scope. There are many complex moving parts in creating quality content. A specific order of operations that must be followed for success. We have organizational protocols for each phase of production to keep our workflow agile and efficient. A well organized project will correlate directly with a quality video.


Organization is pointless without good communication. Over the years, we have created systems and integrated resources into our workflow that keep everyone in the loop and in the know throughout each phase of production.


our happy clients

Ramon Aponte-Salcedo

CMO, Wentworth Management Services

Think Branded Media is a powerhouse. I am thrilled with the result of our first video. The team exceeded my expectations and truly were a pleasure to work with. We are on our second video and I flew them out to Miami to record footage because I want them to exclusively produce all of our content. Daniel and Beau are amazing storytellers and really made our vision come to life. I cannot wait to see what they do for us next!

Lillian Kemp

Business Development Manager at Moët Hennessy USA , Inc.

What an excellent and enjoyable time working with this group! They were readily available for our job and treated us with the utmost professionalism. They understood our needs and asked all the right questions to best next steps to complete the project. Their turnaround was flawless. I highly recommend them as I am not an easy person to please.

Zach O'Neal

Manager of Marketing & Communications, Healthcare Associates of Texas

Beau and Daniel were absolutely wonderful to work with. From the beginning planning phase to execution to delivery, they were extremely professional and timely. Not only that, but they communicated with me every step of the way, and worked with my company even in the most complicated of filming situations. They're problem solvers, and have a serious eye for creativity and branding.