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Think Branded Media is a video production company on the cutting edge of video production capabilities – the motion control robot is the latest element to our innovative production arsenal.

This high-precision motion control robot arm allows us to:

  • Repeat advanced camera movements with ultra high precision
  • Preprogram movements before getting to set
  • Export 3D camera position data for easy integration into a post production VFX pipeline
  • Trigger multiple events with I/O interface
  • Utilize third party software (Unreal, Blender, Maya, Cinema 4D etc.) for added functionality
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Streamlined processes, efficient workflow

Motion Control Robot Video Process

Think Branded Media’s team of creatives and innovators is capable of bringing your vision to life with the motion control robot.

  • Discuss needs and product along with branding and goals
  • Research competitors and develop concept
  • Previsualization: define the story, create storyboards and moodboards.
  • Capture footage for the final product (interviews, b-roll, voiceovers, and more)
  • Create, innovate, and collaborate efficiently
  • Collect and review client feedback
  • Refine work to ensure complete satisfaction
  • Organize and manage media files to streamline post-production workflows
  • Organize and plan the shoot: pre-programming and visualization of camera movements
  • Create animatics
  • Art direction: build sets, collect props, build Unreal set extensions
  • 10-hour production days (principle photography completed in studio)
  • Media management / organization

Benefits of Motion Control Robot

The motion control robot is a cutting-edge way to level up your video. From remote production capabilities that allow you to place the camera anywhere, capturing impossible shots while remaining in the studio.

The motion control robot  also includes custom software built for film and video production. This includes control lenses (focus, iris, and zoom), as well as trigger RSS on Arri, Sony, and Red cameras.


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