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The ability to tell powerful stories with video is crucial when it comes to educating your audience on how they can impact themselves and their communities.

That’s where Think Branded Media comes in. We’re a video creation company that’s passionate about helping nonprofit organizations make an impact.

We work with nonprofit organizations and social enterprises to amplify their messages and increase awareness of their cause. Telling captivating stories through video is our specialty. We have helped numerous nonprofit organizations raise crucial funds by helping them share their message with the world.

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Phases of Nonprofit Video Creation

Creating impactful nonprofit videos requires working with a team of professionals to uncover your cause. Here’s how we work:

Initial consultation to understand your business, establish goals, estimated project timeline, and cost. Scope can be adjusted if necessary. We collect 50% of the payment up front.

Outline objectives and solidify schedules to maximize resources and execute plans effectively. One to two weeks of finalizing creative details and coordinating logistics.

Capture content that accurately documents your brand in a captivating way. Organize and manage video and audio media to prepare for post-production.

Media management, video editing, adding licensed music, color-grading, graphics, and audio mixing. Facilitate an efficient workflow for client revisions.

Deliver your video assets through a downloadable link and an external hard drive.

The Value of Nonprofit Video Creation

Attracting a new audience or gaining brand awareness as a new organization is easy with nonprofit video content. Videos act as a highly emotive way of communicating with and educating others about your organization and its mission. They allow you to share captivating stories like the work you’ve done and the impact it’s had.

Nonprofit video marketing can help your organization drive traffic to your website and social media accounts, promote upcoming fundraisers or events, and prompt your audience to complete calls to action such as donating, volunteering, or sharing the post with others.

Nonprofit videos help your nonprofit organization gain visibility and following. They also help to retain the supporters you already have. Video content is a great way for your nonprofit to celebrate the impact your supporters have made, thank them for their hard work, and remind them of your shared values.

Nonprofit video content differs from any other form of marketing because it allows organizations to share complex messages and stories in a much faster and more personal way than through text or photos alone. 

Video content also tends to be more authentic as it provides volunteers, organization members, and the communities they help the opportunity to share their message from their own perspective. Because of its emotional authenticity, video has a greater chance at being memorable for your audience.

Getting Started

Before we begin, we want to get to know your business and your goals for the project. We’ll start with a consultation before moving on to creative planning and scope.


Initial consultation to discuss your nonprofit and its goals.


Discuss objectives, coordinate logistics, and create schedules.


Submit an estimated project timeline and cost.

how we work


Our production crew works closely with you throughout the project – from getting to know your brand and its purpose, to understanding the conceptual and visual goals for your video.


Make an Impact with Nonprofit Video Creation