5 Questions to Consider Before Hiring a Video Production Company

Whether you are a full-scale business or a self-made influencer looking to promote your personal brand, video marketing is an effective way to create visibility within your marketplace. There’s one little problem holding you back… You don’t have the expertise needed to produce videos, let alone any knowledge of how video editing works.

Another issue many individuals and businesses encounter is a lack of understanding surrounding advertising content, spreading brand awareness, and getting in front of the target audience. This is where a professional and reputable video production company comes in. As you begin your search, there are several key factors to keep in mind while vetting a video production company.

To ensure you align yourself with the right company for your needs, here are a few tips on what you should be asking before signing on the dotted line.

Does the Company Specialize in Your Brand’s Needs?

Before you begin perusing the internet in search of a company that harmonizes with your needs, you must get clear on your goals. This all stems from your brand, the message, and the audience. What is your business looking to accomplish? Are you advertising your product/services or looking to produce informational content? Whether you’re launching a new app or you’re putting your expertise in the field on display, it’s imperative to devise a clear strategy on what type of content you wish to create and what you’re hoping to accomplish with these videos.

By doing so, you can target video production companies that specialize in designing the type of video content you wish to produce. Make sure you watch reels and look at portfolios that showcase videos as it relates to your brand’s objectives, style, and voice. For example, you may not want to partner with a video production company that has solely filmed weddings if you’re aiming to create digital informational guides for your products.

When Do You Need the Video Completed?

Planning, of course, is a significant factor to take into consideration as you’re traversing through the search process. Most businesses and entrepreneurs partner with a video production company to fulfill the needs of a specific project — whether it’s an ongoing six-month initiative or a video marketing campaign that is set to launch in three weeks.

You’ll need to determine your intended timeframe and when you hope to kick-off your video marketing efforts. Creating a clear timeline and strategy will provide you with an understanding of when you need your content completed. As you assess different companies, you can inquire whether or not they’ll be able to deliver your videos within your expected timeframe. Deadlines are essential to establish so that everyone working on the project has a good grasp on what needs to get accomplished.

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How Much is This Going to Cost?

As with any service, video production comes with a price tag. As you’re shopping around for the perfect company, you’ll want to request a detailed quote outlining the cost of video production services. If not discussed beforehand, you can run into significant issues. For example, the production company can take longer than expected when challenges arise during the creation process, causing the price to increase. Always make sure all facets of the price are hashed out beforehand and you have a written agreement in place to avoid any unexpected fees and to be clear on all expectations.

What do Their Client Testimonials Say?

With any company that you are looking to hire, an effective method for evaluating their services is to read reviews and client testimonials. You may have looked meticulously through the company’s website, had a great consultation with them, and are impressed by their portfolio, but before moving forward it’s essential to gauge their past client’s experience using their services. While we all know you can’t please everyone all of the time, the bulk of the client testimonials should be positive in nature. If you’re seeing review after review detailing how disastrous their experience was, you may want to continue searching for another company.

To improve your search for a video production company, you’re going to have to do homework. Research and preparation are both key in selecting a company that will produce the best results. You never want to choose a company purely because it’s the cheapest or first one that displayed in the search results. Be sure to adequately vet each potential vendor using the above tips to ensure your video marketing project is a success.