Why is QUALITY Video Important?

Branded video has reshaped the way companies do business.  Branded video marketing is no longer limited to commercials on broadcast television or captive audiences...but you knew that already.  What you may haven't realized yet is that QUALITY video is what truly engages your audience.

It's easy to just "scroll" past videos since they are so ubiquitous.  We believe that in order to truly capture the attention of today's audience you need quality video: Great looking visuals that also have something to say.  We call it CONTENT with CONTEXT.

What is "content with context"?

Video is a great marketing tool, but how do you make an advertisement NOT an advertisement?  The short answer is easy: storytelling.  However, it's not just about telling the story. It's about putting that story into a video that considers the BRAND, the MESSAGE, and the AUDIENCE.  To successfully advertise with video storytelling you have to consider the full context in order to connect your brand's message with your audience.  That's not always so easy...especially for many producers who are sometimes only focused on the quality of the video, rather than the context of the brand, message, and audience.  Our 10+ years of producing video content for marketers, advertising agencies, and brands has enabled us to be masters in not only creating great visual content, but making video content that resonates with the audience it's intended for.

What does the video production process entail?

The pre-production process involves creating a production schedule, scripting, getting approval from legal and compliance departments on content, casting, making shot lists, scouting locations, hiring crew, building sets if needed, prepping equipment, and anything else needed to make the shoot happen.  On most of our projects this takes around a week, but can take longer depending on the scope of the project.

Principal photography, or production is when the actual content of the video is captured:   the images, sounds, voice-overs, etc. This can take one day to one month or more, but typically takes a week or less for most of the branded video content we produce.  This is typically the most costly process and we take pride on our ability to efficiently navigate through production to not only create the best video possible, but to stay on budget.

During post production the video content is edited, graphics and sound design are completed, music is added, the sound is mixed, and color grading is done.  Usually, post production takes the longest and can last from two weeks to two months or even longer.

How long will it take to produce my video?

Branded videos projects vary in scope and scale. The typical project lasts 6-8 weeks and breaks down to 1-2 weeks of pre-production, up to 1 week of principal-production, and 4-6 weeks of post-production. We have had projects that last many months due to their scope and scale.  When we learn more about your project we can best define how long it will take and this is always agreed upon before any branded video project is started.

How do I get my video?

We deliver our products digitally via web-based services like FTP or Dropbox, or on a hard drive. This process is easy, but very important. We also advise our clients to make a backup copy of their content.

Can you shoot my video if I am not in Dallas-Fort Worth?

Yes. We have created branded videos all over Texas and have travelled coast to coast many times over to produce video and documentary projects.  This is another area where we take pride in our efficiency and effectiveness.

Who owns the footage after the video is produced?

You do, though we typically reserve the right to use videos we’ve produced on our portfolio and website.

Is Producing a video with Think Branded Media expensive?

We are certainly neither the cheapest, nor the most expensive. We strongly believe that if it’s worth doing,  it’s worth doing right. After all, it’s our work too and we take pride in it. We have years of experience producing branded video content at various budgets and know when and where to be most efficient. We strongly encourage everyone to research not only the value of good branded video content and video storytelling, but the rates of other production companies and the quality of the work. “An informed customer is a happy customer”.

What is the payment structure?

Usually we receive 50% upfront, and 50% upon completion and delivery. We are open to different structures that make sense for everyone.

How do we get started?

We offer 2 free 1-hour consultations to learn more about you and your video production needs. We will then present our ideas, plan of action, and budget for the project. Pre-production starts once the first payment is submitted. We encourage you to submit an inquiry on our contact page.  We will get in touch as soon as we receive it!  You can also call us to get started as well:  972-362-6106.