How Quality Healthcare Video Production Improves Patient Engagement

Patient engagement is crucial for healthcare providers – it inspires patients to follow medical recommendations, helps them keep track of appointments, and more. Many healthcare providers use informative and entertaining videos to provide patients with necessary information. Healthcare video production includes waiting room videos, instructional videos, and interactive videos.

But it’s not enough to simply make any video and expect patients to pay attention. Furthermore, you can’t settle for poor video production standards to save on costs. Instead, you should attempt to produce high-quality videos for several key reasons. Let’s explore why quality healthcare video production means so much for patient engagement.


Patients Are More Likely to Consume Video Content

Video content has become the single most popular format of consumed content over the last several years. In fact, according to certain studies, video consumption will account for up to 80% of total online traffic in the near future.

This trend is also visible among health care patients. More importantly, more than 90% of healthcare patients take a recommended or important action after viewing video content. Put simply, when your video content is of higher quality, patients are more likely to pay attention to it. And as the data above indicates, patients who consume video content are more likely to take positive actions. 

In everyday healthcare, patients use videos to stay informed before, during, and after their visits. They also use videos to answer important questions and learn more about healthcare providers before appointments. That improves patient trust in nurses, doctors, and other healthcare experts, which is always good!


Improved Patient Literacy

Perhaps more importantly, high-quality healthcare video productions improve patient literacy across the board. Patient literacy is vital since it impacts shared decision-making between healthcare providers and their charges.

When patient literacy is high, patients make the right decisions, follow healthcare provider recommendations, and have generally better health outcomes. In contrast, low patient literacy almost always leads to worse patient outcomes and reduced health.

Fortunately, patients can view high-quality healthcare videos anywhere, anytime – this enables patients to consume content whenever it works best for them, gaining the literacy benefits mentioned here.


healthcare video production


Improved Patient Experience

In addition to the above benefits, quality healthcare video productions provide patients with better experiences in healthcare facilities.

For example, an engaging and informative healthcare video in a waiting room may:

  • Prepare patients emotionally and mentally for their appointments
  • Help patients fill out paperwork correctly
  • Reassure patients who may be nervous or anxious about their visit – in some cases, simply seeing a healthcare practitioner on-screen ahead of an in-person meeting can alleviate concerns, especially when a patient has to meet a doctor about a sensitive or personal matter

The right branded videos can build trust between patients and healthcare providers and provide ancillary benefits, such as reducing visit time. The less time wasted in clinics, hospitals, and emergency rooms due to confusion or patient hesitancy, the better – it means healthcare practitioners can see more patients and provide more medical assistance. 


Tips for Great Healthcare Video Production

Given the major benefits of quality healthcare videos, healthcare facilities and brands need to know how to produce top-tier video content consistently.

For starters, aim to produce healthcare videos that your patients want to watch. To that end, your video content must be:

  • High in production value
  • Entertaining – it doesn’t need to be amusing or funny if the situation doesn’t call for it, but the presenter or host must be engaging, charismatic, and interesting
  • The right length – the last thing you want is a patient tuning out of the healthcare video because it’s too long and/or boring

You should also create your healthcare video content with a strict focus on the patient. Always frame information in terms of how it affects a patient, how a patient can do the right thing for their health, etc.

Lastly, you should post or send your high-quality healthcare videos to places or platforms where patients can consume them conveniently. Your healthcare website, the waiting rooms in hospitals or clinics, or designated devices like tablets are great vectors for providing informative and engaging healthcare video content to those who need it most.


Find Your Medical Video Production Partner

Ultimately, quality healthcare video production leads to better patient results, higher patient engagement, and improved experiences for both patients and healthcare practitioners. The right videos facilitate improved patient literacy, faster responses, and more consistent appointment attendance – in short, they’re too important to ignore.

You can start putting together high-quality healthcare videos today with the above tips. Plus, you can work with Think Branded Media for your healthcare video production needs – take advantage of our expertise and let us help you inform, entertain, and reassure your patients every day.