How Videos Are Being Leveraged in Healthcare

In today’s world, video is king. People often find information and entertainment on YouTube and TikTok over other methods. That’s why it is vital for the healthcare industry to utilize video in different ways. It allows patients to educate themselves, get service and procedure demonstrations, and view waiting room entertainment. Employees can access training procedures and can more easily transfer information. Healthcare videos also help boost marketing efforts by increasing brand awareness and providing a platform for patient testimonials. Also, since it’s reusable marketing content, you can leverage it across multiple platforms to get the best bang for your buck.


Let’s take a deeper dive into how you can use healthcare video production in the medical industry.


Healthcare Videos for Employee Training

There was a time when many employers handed out training manuals to all new employees. If you were a large company, like many in the healthcare industry, you would be printing out a ridiculous amount of paper, or you would have to hire an outside company to create the physical manuals. Either way, it was tedious, expensive, and wasteful. Plus, it was a drag for the employees to have to rifle through page after page of mind-numbing information.


Today, more and more people choose paperless options wherever they can in both their personal and professional lives. Ditching printed manuals for medical training videos is saving companies time and money, and it is the preferred method of learning by younger generations. It allows for more engagement and a better understanding of the company’s culture. Plus, since people are more comfortable watching videos these days, it allows employees to feel connected to their company immediately.


Companies can send the videos to the employees and allow them to learn at their own pace, or they can be shown to a group of people, therefore streamlining the onboarding or training process. You can show real-life examples in the healthcare videos, so people will find it more relatable and eliminate confusion later on. Research has shown that people learn complicated concepts more easily when they are able to hear and see the material being presented. This is not surprising since it feels more like an experience, something that is hard to achieve in written manuals.


Introducing New Products and Services

Video is a great way to reveal additions to your products and services and also gives you a method of creating easy-to-follow education on the new offerings. New prescriptions, medical devices, or medical services can be difficult to explain to clients and patients via email or with brochures. 


With video, you can effectively promote your new product or service on multiple channels without having to create boatloads of content.  You can easily explain how to use new products with visual demonstrations, so patients are more comfortable with the product and don’t need to follow up with you for instructions. Patient compliance is critical. If they are confused about how to follow the prescribed or dispensed regimen their healthcare provider gave them, it can be dangerous. Reaching patients on multiple platforms helps alleviate concerns regarding patient compliance.


Another underutilized method of reaching patients and their families is in the waiting room. They are often sitting there, nervous or uneasy about what’s to come. Showing videos can help decrease anxiety, build trust, and help a connection form between them and their provider. Patients can also get information that they might have had to ask their provider during their appointment. Knowing this information ahead of time helps to decrease the length of appointments and reduce the time in the waiting room for everyone.


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Client Testimonials

From deciding what restaurant to eat at to figuring out what dog harness to buy, almost everyone reads reviews to help make buying decisions. While reviews are very helpful, you don’t always know how legit they are. Client testimonials have better-perceived authenticity because you are seeing and hearing the person give their review.


In addition to being authentic, a strong testimonial is also relatable. If someone is watching a testimonial and hearing someone describe similar healthcare concerns that they may have had, there is an instant connection to that person as well as the provider they are talking about. You want the patients to be detailed and specific about the care they received and how it positively impacted their life. There is nothing wrong with doing some coaching; people are often nervous in front of a camera. So, feel free to indicate to the patient where you would like to take the testimonial. Just be sure you are following all HIPAA laws and get written consent that it’s okay to share the video.


Boost Your Brand With Healthcare Video Marketing

As we mentioned in the intro, video is king. Video gets far more engagement than any other form of content. There is a reason apps like TikTok are so successful and why Instagram is moving away from pictures and towards video content.


Healthcare videos allow healthcare providers to showcase their strengths, expertise, and culture. It helps build trust between a patient and a provider and helps ease any tension someone might feel ahead of an appointment. A better patient experience through entertaining video content helps boost brand recognition and establish your organization as a leader in the healthcare industry.


Start Using Healthcare Videos for Your Facility

Utilizing video to improve your employee training procedures, educate patients on your products and services, and market your organization will do amazing things for your brand recognition and reputation. It shows you to be a leader in the industry and current on modern trends. No one wants a healthcare provider that seems like a dinosaur. They want one that is on the cutting edge of the field and ready to tackle any health issue.


If you are interested in utilizing video in your healthcare setting, take a look at our post, How Much Do Videos Cost to Produce, to learn the best options to fit your needs and your budget.