How To Make Your Brand Standout in a Competitive Market

One of the toughest things for any business that sits in a competitive market is finding ways to stand out. What can make this challenge even tougher is when you have no idea where to start. Regardless of your industry, looking like a badass in your field is key — the only way to get there is to have a solid plan. Let’s go over some ways you can to push your brand to the top.



Identify Your Target Audience


How can you market effectively when you don’t know who you should be marketing to? A marketing plan is useless unless you define your target audience, so do this right out of the gate. Where are your potential clients? How old are they? Think about their demographics, industries, and buying habits. Do they listen to hip hop or 90’s adult contemporary? Dive into the psychographics of the people you want to reach and see if you can figure out what their interests, opinions, beliefs, and values are. What are their motivations and who are their competitors? 


Try to determine where they are in relation to their competition to identify problems you can solve for them. Conduct market research to answer these questions and hone in on the best audience for your branded content.


What makes your prospects convert into clients? What steps do they take before purchasing or submitting a contact form? Figure out the pain points and potential pitfalls a prospect might have and determine how your product will solve them.


Don’t settle for a wide-angle approach. Get your audience down to a niche so you can be confident your marketing strategy is reaching the right people.



Define Your Brand’s Identity


Does your brand have an identity? If not, it’s time to find one. A brand identity is the logo, the color scheme, the look and feel of your website, your brand guide, and the overall design of your marketing efforts. It’s how people recognize you. Think of the Nike swoosh, or the golden arches of McDonald’s, or the Apple logo. Those are great examples of some of the most effective brand identities. Sure, you’re likely not as big as Nike. But it wouldn’t hurt to think like them.


So how do you define a brand identity? Here are some tips.

  • What’s your “Why”? What does your company do and how does it benefit your clients? 
  • Define your company’s beliefs. How do you want people to view what your company does and what your overall approach to business is?
  • What kind of personality would your brand have if it were a person? This can feel weird to think about, but it is a highly effective way to look at your brand in a whole new way.
  • What is your brand’s voice? This is extremely important to nail down because you have to be consistent with your messaging. If you’re all over the map with your voice, it’ll be difficult for prospects to get a clear picture of what your brand is. Think of it as the personality of your brand. If you had a buddy who spoke differently every time you saw them, it would be tough to connect and relate to them.



Create Professional Branded Content


Content is key. Delivering dope branded content is super important if you want to stand out to potential customers. Delivering content that feels cheap or amateurish will instantly turn prospects away. Anyone can point a phone at something and throw it up on TikTok. So if you want to look legit, it’s important to use professional content creators to develop your branded video and photo content. It adds a solid level of trust and shows you are a power player in your field. It builds brand awareness while also showing you to be thought leaders and innovators in your industry. 


Getting professional content produced allows you to reuse it on multiple platforms. Professionals know how to tailor media for a variety of uses. This will save you money as well, since you can lower your production volume while keeping the same output. 



Develop a Social Marketing Strategy


Once you have a clear target audience, an established brand identity, and enough content in the hopper, you will be able to start marketing your business effectively on social media. Marketing on platforms such as TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn has become the primary way many businesses reach potential clients. The reason for this is simple: it’s where people hang out.


How many people do you know that still watch traditional cable television? When they do, they are probably streaming it or watching on a DVR so they can skip the commercials. Print ads are virtually dead and radio ads are far less effective than they once were, so businesses have turned to social media to get their message to the people in their target audience. And when it comes to social media advertising, branded video is king. 


Some of the benefits of marketing on social media with video are increased brand awareness, more site traffic, higher conversion rates, and improved brand loyalty — this is because people are finding you where they like to be. If someone is a football fan, they might gravitate toward a brand that advertises during a game because it provides a connection between their hobby and the brand, thus making them a loyal customer. So if your audience is addicted to TikTok, that’s where you need to be pushing your message. 


Not only is social media marketing cost-effective, but it also gives you market insights and custom targeting options to get your brand in front of the right audience.



Make Your Brand Stand Out


Now that you see the steps needed to make your brand stand out, it’s time to get to work. Start with market research so you can create a brand identity that strikes a chord with your potential customers. Once these two parts are established, you can create killer content like unique, branded videos that will help prove you’re a big shot in your industry. If you’re looking for professional video content, make sure you know what to look for before hiring a video production company.