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Is it really just about smart packaging and unique branding, or do you have more to show and tell? What’s unique about what you do and how you do it? There’s always a story behind a quality brand. Cannabis video marketing is the best medium to build trust and increase awareness around your brand.

We are experts in capturing real stories of real people and cannabis video marketing that informs and connects on a human level. We collaborate with companies and marketers in the cannabis industry to create branded cannabis video marketing.



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Phases of Cannabis Video Marketing

Crafting cannabis video content that captures a fleeting moment forever requires a tried and true production workflow. This is our workflow:

Initial consultation to understand your business, establish goals, estimated project timeline, and cost. Scope can be adjusted if necessary. We collect 50% of the payment up front.

Outline objectives and solidify schedules to maximize resources and execute plans effectively. One to two weeks of finalizing creative details and coordinating logistics.

Capture content that accurately documents your brand in a captivating way. Organize and manage video and audio media to prepare for post-production.

Media management, video editing, adding licensed music, color-grading, graphics, and audio mixing. Facilitate an efficient workflow for client revisions.

Deliver your video assets through a downloadable link and an external hard drive.

What Makes Cannabis Video Marketing So Effective?

Cannabis video marketing is a powerful tool that can be used to increase brand awareness and reach new audiences. By creating videos that are interesting and informative, cannabis video marketing effectively engages both potential and existing customers and creates conversations around your brand and products. This can help to increase visibility and reach potential customers who may not have otherwise been interested in the brand.

By optimizing videos for SEO and creating content that is helpful and informative, cannabis video marketing can help your website to rank higher in search engine results. Additionally, video content provides consumers with relevant information about the cannabis industry, which increases customer trust, encourages them to take action, and educates them about your products and the industry as a whole. 

Not only will cannabis video marketing help to attract customers, but it will also help to maintain customer engagement and keep them coming back.

Product demos and how-tos can be very effective ways to increase trust, understanding, and safety around your product, while also encouraging customers to support your business. Cannabis video marketing is arguably the best form of a product demo or how-to because the video format allows customers to benefit from both visual and auditory explanations. Marketing videos are interesting and informative while providing customers with useful information and insights about the cannabis industry. Overall, cannabis video marketing is an effective way to create product demos and how-to videos that help to encourage customers to take action and support your business.

Getting Started

Before we begin, we want to get to know your business and your goals for the project. We’ll start with a consultation before moving on to creative planning and scope.


Initial meeting to discuss your brand and project goals.


Outline objectives, coordinate logistics, and create schedules.


Submit an estimated project timeline and cost.

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We work with you closely throughout the project – from getting to know your brand and its purpose, to understanding your conceptual and visual goals for the video.


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