Cannabis plant in the sun that has been photographed by a cannabis marketing and video production company.



Cannabis plant in the sun that has been photographed by a cannabis marketing and video production company.


Is really just about smart packaging and unique branding, or do you have more to show and tell? What's unique about what you do and how you do it? There's always a story behind a quality brand. Video marketing is the best channel for the cannabis industry to build trust and increase awareness around your products brands. We are experts in capturing real stories of real people and creating branded video content that inspires, informs and connects on a human level. We collaborate with companies and marketers in the cannabis industry to create branded cannabis video production content. We translate stories into video content that engages your audience with authenticity and respect. Show your audience what you do and how you do it. Tell them your "why". Think Cannabis Media.


case study

Cannabis Storytelling

Part of a video trilogy we produced with Green Lotus Hemp about cannabis awareness, education, and access.

Cannabis Product Videos

We captured real stories from real people for a product video marketing campaign. The video campaign included multiple products within four product categories.

The State of Cannabis

We captured cannabis video content in Colorado and Texas and interviewed cannabis industry experts to educate and raise awareness about the history, the evolution, and the laws around cannabis.

How We Work

think process . think workflow

After preliminary discussions and discovery, we submit an estimate on the project's turnaround and cost. From there, the project scope can be widened or narrowed if necessary. We then submit an accurate quote and execute a production agreement. We ask for 50% payment upfront. The other 50% is due upon completion of the project.

Then during the pre-production phase, we develop content and creative, plan production logistics, scout locations, cast and coordinate talent, prep gear and crew. We focus heavily on pre-production to set ourselves up for a successful shoot.

During production, we capture content: interviews, b-roll, voice-overs, etc.

We spend significant time in post production managing media, video editing, color grading, inserting licensed music, performing sound design and mixing the audio. We have an efficient workflow for client revisions. We typically include two revisions plus a final approval for each video. All finished videos are delivered with a 60-second edit for social platforms.

Business Development Manager at Moët Hennessy USA , Inc.

What an excellent and enjoyable time working with this group! They were readily available for our job and treated us with the utmost professionalism. They understood our needs and asked all the right questions to best next steps to complete the project. Their turnaround was flawless. I highly recommend them as I am not an easy person to please.